This TIME, CAP'N (album)


Our third albumThis Time, Cap'n  is available to radio stations and radio show hosts. Songs available for public download purchases via the usual platforms. As always we recorded live - absolutely no layering, altering or add-ons just pure Annee 2CU - mistakes and all; what you hear is exactly what we sound like live.  Dave Rhodes was our engineer and co-producer (along with Annee). The album was mastered in Nashville. Two of our songs feature the wonderful piano talents of David Curtis. 

Annee 2CU
(on recording)

  • Annee – vocals 
  • Patrick Fenemor – Bass and Musical Director 
  • Tim Biggs – Rhythm & Lead Guitar 
  • Marc Harrex – Rhythm Guitar & Harp 
  • Roger Hughes – Drums & Percussion

TURN THE PAGE and GUILTY Feature David Curtis on piano 

...British D.J., Lucas Campbell wrote this song. It's on her (Annee 2CU) new album, "This Time, Cap'n" and it's got all the hallmarks , I think, of a real blues classic - AN ACHIN' IN MY HEART.”

Jeremy Rees, host of the Soul of the Blues on his 203 show - 26 July 2017

THIS TIME, CAP’N             NZAMC1403

01 An Achin’ In My Heart (Lucas Campbell)  Rock of Ages Music  4:34 GW51732491

02 Turn The Page  (Robert Clark Seger)  Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd 5:02 GW00092641

03 Letting Go  (P & L McCartney)  Kobalt Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd 4:14 GW00644618

04 Out Of The Rain  (Tony Joe White)  EMI Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd 4:29 GW04287078

05 That’s All Right  (Arthur Craddup)  Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd 4:01 GW00786185

06 Neighbor, Neighbor (Huey Meaux)  BMG AM Australia Pty Ltd 3:45 GW12047505

07 Come Together (J Lennon & P McCartney)  Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd 4:59 GW01110002

08 Guilty  (Randy Newman)  Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Australia Pty Ltd 4:56 GW03510999

Played Aching in My Heart last night. LOVE the new album Annee. x.”

Stephen Hunt (aka Doc), Facebook message - 9 August 2017