The 2CU Band

Tim has been with Annee 2CU since February 2015; Originally with Annee 2CU in 2009


Tim has played alongside Annee in the past. His musical ability is a wonderful contribution to the band. Tim has a style that is distinct and emotive. Tim has played with many bands in the blues scene in NZ and played in the classic Auckland band The Zarks. Tim produces the magnificent riffs and rhythm on guitar as well as awesome leads. Hear songs like Heart Full of Soul and Showdown that show the abilities of this amazing guitarist.
For our fifth album, SAY MY NAME, Tim will show his versatility on Bass. 


Roger has been with Annee 2CU since June 2019; Previously April 2017- Feb 2018.


Roger has been playing drums for most of his life. He attended the Wellington Conservatory of Music as a student. At night, he would play in bars with other musicians. After moving back to Auckland, Roger has been teaching drums as well as playing in bands. Roger has a great feel for the music and provides it with the right tempo, shuffle, swing or beat to suit the style of music.

" I like to give the right feel for every song"

ON LEAVE FROM THE BAND (and is sorely missed)
Patrick has been with Annee 2CU since July 2018; Previously February 2011 to August 2017


Patrick is a tremendous bass player on both electric bass and electric upright providing that strong bass beat. His musical understanding and knowledge is all encompassing. Patrick was born into a very musical family in Nelson. He started his musical career by playing piano at a young age.
Patrick shifted to New Plymouth in the 80’s and taught himself to play bass. While there he played in many music clubs; providing backing for a number of recordings and joined a 60’s/70’s Rock & Roll band. Patrick moved back to Nelson in the early 90’s and started a band with members of his family. Patrick also played bass for the Sun City Jazz Club Big Band with the added challenge of reading dots. Shifted to Auckland 2002 and has since played with a number of music clubs and bands including Shades and Ricochez.