Holy Toledo! Your band sounds fantastic!!! …your band is really great---I am a drummer myself …and I have not heard blues played that well since... I dunno... Led Zep or maybe the Butterfield Band or Blues Project! Really great!!”

Jim Tuomy (President/CTO, Phasx Technologies Inc, USA) June 2015

...annee 2cu the best female blues singer”

Blues Wire Radio Retweeted Annee 2CU (Jan 29 2017)


*We believe we are a world class unit.  Our ambition is to play at one of the big USA Blues Festivals.

*What you hear on here is actual live recordings with no tampering or alteration; this is what we actually sound like live in performance.

*Annee has powerful vocals with the ability to blast but equally is able to sing like an angel. She believes songs should be felt and that when she sings the song it comes from the heart with accents and nuances in the right places; Annee becomes the song. Annee has been singing in public since she was 7 years old. She has sang in duos, trios and bands. 
*Tim is a phenomenal guitarist with emotive feel and passion. He has been performing as long as he can remember. His guitar riffs have to be heard to be believed; they are awesome. 
*Patrick is a tremendous bass player on both electric bass and electric upright providing that strong bass beat. His musical understanding and knowledge is all encompassing. This is to be expected for a man who has played all genres including big bands. 
*Roger lays down a wonderful beat and tempo. He is a very talented drummer. 
*Marc produces the magnificent harmonica tones as well as brilliant slide guitar leads.

If you really want a band that plays every song in their own style and produces it live on stage like a studio recording then look no further than Annee 2CU. 

SOUND BITE - Ghetto Child

THIS TIME, CAP'N - Annee 2CU (3rd album)

THIS TIME, CAP'N - Annee 2CU (3rd album)

When A Blind Girl Cries - Paihia, NZ August 2014

WICKED GIRL BLUES - Annee 2CU (2nd album)

WICKED GIRL BLUES - Annee 2CU (2nd album)