2016 has started off really well for Annee 2CU Blues Band as far as radio airplay is concerned. We have been played regularly on many stations. We have had 16 new radio stations this month take our music and say they will be playing the songs. Annee has personally heard 73 songs between 2 January and 20 January ranging from such places as Salt Lake City (USA), Cardiff (Wales), Vancouver (Canada), Mt Gambier, St Helens, Adelaide, Melbourne (all Australia), Bodmin, Redcar, Gloucester (all England), Keith (Scotland) and Kawerau (NZ) just to name a few of the many. 

We are now on Twitter and can be followed on @Annee2Cu.

We have started putting the material together for our second album which we aim to release by mid-year. 

Thank you to all who have joined us on our path. Remember you can gain insights into the band plus personal contact by joining us as official fans by filling in the mailing list form on the WELCOME page.

Take care. Keep it Blues and remember Blues links us all.

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