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List of providers

List of providers

The Epic sound, I would call that...The Epic sound of Annee 2CU Blues Band from New Zealand ”

Jeremy Rees (about Ghetto Child), Soul of the Blues Syndicated Show (#165) Nov 2016

I just listened to your clips – it continues to be freaky for me because I recognise how good you are but I also still hear my little cousin!! Excellent work though, and I thought “Don’t Let Me Down’ was a stunning rendition of that classic.”

— Kath B (Annee's Cousin), New Zealand 16 Oct 2016 via email

This is a ‘live’ laid back blues/rock studio album with its own individual chemistry and creativity which reverberates at much more accessible level for the musicians and provides a true bonus for the listener too. ”

Lucas Campbell, The Rock of Ages Radio Show, England - Oct 2016


Vocals: ANNEE
Bass & musical direction: PATRICK FENEMOR
Lead & rhythm guitar: TIM BIGGS
Harmonica, slide, lead & rhythm guitar: MARC HARREX (aka MARCUS WILSON)
Drums & percussion: TOBY SMITH


01 Daughter of Fortune  05:24
     (lead guitar - Tim)
02 Ghetto Child  04:34
      (lead guitar solo & harp - Marc)
03 Wayfaring Stranger  06:20
      (lead guitar - Tim; harp - Marc)
04 Same Old Story  07:00
      (lead guitar - Tim)
05 Don't Let Me Down 03:50
      (lead gat & solo- Tim; slide - Marc)
06 The Thrill is Gone  05:38
      (lead - Tim;  harp & outro - Marc)
07 Wicked Girl Blues  05:15
      (slide & lead guitar - Marc)


01 Daughter of Fortune
(David Coverdale & Ritchie Blackmore)
Native Tongue Music Publishing

02 Ghetto Child
( Johnny Copeland)
Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd

03 Wayfaring Stranger
J Albert and Son Pty Ltd

04 Same Old Story
(Marc Ocram) 
Amcos Societies

05 Don't Let Me Down
(John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia P/L

06 The Thrill Is Gone
(listed as A Benson & E Petite but disputed; equally Rick Darnell & Roy Hawkins)
EMI Catalogue Partnership Australia P/L

07 Wicked Girl Blues
(Gary Moore)
Amcos Societies