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Hi my name is Jake... I am a fan of all good music especially blues Rock n Roll country blues/rock etc...I was surprised when Pete introduced me to you and the band on his radio show.. at first I thought it was christine perfect of chicken shack fame... Whatever you and the band are doing you have got it right ... I am now going to research your albums and start acquiring them Thanks ... in this modern age of plastic music and rap crap you are very refreshing... ”

— Jake, Derbyshire, England 24 February 2017

...from their stellar new album A Twist of Blues ”

Rick Kinsey, host of 'Deep Cuts', USA (Jan 2016)

You make great music, it deserves to be heard.”

WRFN 1025, England (comment made on Facebook 31 May 2018)

Love your sounds.”

— Leigh Wilson (Whangarei, NZ) January 2016.

.you are excellent...”

— Kathleen (Kit) Bradley (Songwriter, Mobile, Alabama, USA) September 2015

You guys are awesome! Loved your style and performance! Bravo!”

— Kimberly Morgan (Vocalist, Carmel, Indiana, USA) September 2015