Number 3 and Number 48 in the Year of 2017 WMHB TOP 100 Blues Albums

Annee 2CU is ECSTATIC as two of our albums made the Top 100 Blues Albums of Radio WMHB (AUGUSTA-WATERVILLE, MAINE, U.S.A.)  for the Year 2017, "THIS TIME, CAP'N" ended up as the Number 3 and "WICKED GIRL BLUES" ended up as NUMBER 48

WMHB Top 100 Blues Chart 2017 


released JANUARY 2018 

  1. Eliza Neals, 10,000 FEET BELOW 
  2. Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado, CHANGE MY GAME 
  3. Annee 2CU, THIS TIME, CAP’N 
  4. Sean Chambers, TROUBLE & WHISKEY 
  5. Bridget Kelly Band, BONE RATTLER 
  6. Hurricane Ruth, AIN’T READY FOR THE GRAVE YET 
  7. Bat-or Kalo (KALO), WILD CHANGE 
  8. Vanessa Collier, MEETING MY SHADOW 
  9. Lauren Mitchell, DESIRE 
  10. Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method, BLACK CROW CALLIN’ 
  11. Vintage#18, GRIT 
  12. Coco Montoya, HARD TRUTH 
  13. Dave Fields, UNLEASHED 
  14. TG Swampbusters, SWAMP ROCK COUNTRY BLUES 
  15. Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, NEVER TRUST THE LIVING 
  16. The Nighthawks, ALL YOU GOTTA DO 
  17. Patty Reese, LET IN THE SUN 
  18. Godboogie, PLAY MUSIC & DANCE 
  19. Mr. Sipp, KNOCK A HOLE IN IT 
  20. Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos, ANTHONY ROSANO AND THE CONQUEROOS 
  21. Ken Valdez, SOUL RENEGADE 
  22. Tom Euler, FOOL ME ONCE 
  23. Beth Garner, SNAKE FARM 
  24. Chris Antonik, MONARCH 
  25. Johnny Oskam, IN MY SHADOW 
  26. Terry Davidson and The Gears, TRAMSMISSION 
  27. Paul Bridgwater, SEVEN SONGS 
  28. Michele D’Amour and The Love Dealers, LOST NIGHTS AT THE LEOPARD LOUNGE 
  29. Bobby Messano, BAD MOVIE 
  30. Peter V Blues Train, RUNNING OUT OF TIME 
  31. Low Society, SANCTIFIED 
  32. Lew Jetton & 61 South, PALESTINE BLUES 
  33. Derrick Procell, WHY I CHOOSE TO SING THE BLUES 
  34. North Mississippi Allstars, PRAYER FOR PEACE 
  35. Albert Castiglia, UP ALL NIGHT 
  36. Micki Free, TATOO BURN-REDUX 
  37. The Jon Spear Band, HOT SAUCE 
  38. Patrick Recob, PERPETUAL LUAU 
  39. The Kate Lush Band, LET IT FLY 
  40. James Southwell, THE DOCKSIDE SESSIONS 
  41. Savoy Brown, WITCHY FEELIN’ 
  42. Lost in Paris Blues Band, LOST IN PARIS BLUES BAND 
  43. John Ginty, ROCKERS 
  44. Scott Ellison, GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT 
  45. Peter V Blues Train, ON TRACK 
  46. Marty Manous, KNOW MY NAME 
  47. Mindi Abair and The Boneshakers, THE EASTWEST SESSIONS 
  48. Annee 2CU Blues Band, WICKED GIRL BLUES 
  49. John Pagano Band, ONE MORE ROUND 
  51. Michael Hornbuckle, SOULREPO 
  52. Billy T Band, RECKONING 
  53. Johnny Ray Jones, FEET BACK IN THE DOOR 
  55. Karen Lovely, FISH OUTTA WATER 
  56. Shinbone Star, WHISKEY & GIN 
  57. Elam Mcknight Band, RADIO 
  58. Hamilton Loomis, BASICS 
  59. Dave Hunt, 100 HORSES 
  60. The Blue Shadows, THE BLUE SHADOWS 
  61. 55 Rose Street, MISERY 
  62. Alastair Greene, DREAM TRAIN 
  63. Jim Roberts and The Resonants, BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON 
  64. Monster Mike Welch and Mike Ledbetter, RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE 
  65. Jason Ricci & Bad Kind, APPROVED BY SNAKES 
  66. The Halley DeVestern Band, Keep on Playin’ 
  67. Brother Sun Sister Moon, LIBERTY 
  68. Laura Rain and The Caesars, WALK WITH ME 
  69. Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion, THIS IS THE LIFE I CHOOSE 
  70. Delta Moon, CABBAGETOWN 
  71. Willa (Willa Vincitore), BETTER DAYS 
  72. Mike Zito, MAKE BLUES NOT WAR 
  73. L.C. Williams and The Driver, L.C. WILLIAMS AND THE DRIVER 
  74. Ray Fuller and The Bluesrockers, LONG BLACK TRAIN 
  76. Laurence Jones, TAKE ME HIGH 
  77. Ronnie Baker Brooks, TIMES HAVE CHANGED 
  78. Billy Flynn, LONESOME HIGHWAY 
  79. Thornetta Davis (Thornetta Davis Thirdpage), HONEST WOMAN 
  80. Monkeyjunk, TIME TO ROLL 
  81. Larkin Poe, PEACH 
  82. Dudley Taft, SUMMER RAIN 
  83. The Milligan Vaughn Project, MVP 
  84. Tommy Castro & The Painkillers, STOMPIN’ GROUND 
  85. The Wildcat O'Halloran Band, HOT PULLDOWN 
  86. Alex Lopez, SLOWDOWN 
  87. Lisa Lystam Family Band, GIVE YOU EVERYTHING 
  88. Tucci, OLIVIA 
  89. Chris Bergson Band, BITTER MIDNIGHT 
  90. Scott Taylor, BLUES KITCHEN 
  91. Mick Kolassa & Mark Telesca, YOU CAN’T DO THAT 
  92. Scott Ramminger, DO WHAT YOUR HEART SAYS TO 
  93. Starlite Campbell Band, BLUEBERRY PIE 
  94. Hector Anchondo Band, ROLL THE DICE 
  95. Tas Cru, SIMMERED & STEWED 
  96. Colin James, BLUE HIGHWAYS 
  97. Sharon Lewis & Texas Fire, GROWN ASS WOMAN 
  98. Stacy Jones, LOVE IS EVERYWHERE 
  99. John Mayall, TALK ABOUT THAT 
  100. MALAYA BLUE, Heartsick

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